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Are you ready for the next level with your business?

As your strategic business coach and mentor, I help you see your big vision & achieve it by showing you the exact steps of the process to get there

Spreadsheet on laptop


Time+Money Spreadsheet

Download the 1-page spreadsheet I use with VIP clients to max profit for any type of offer, while optimizing time worked

v What to charge to how many clients, to reach your revenue goal?
v Plan a quick cash boost
v Instant insight into the time required per client and per offer (self and team)
v Long-term pricing strategies for single and multiple product offers
v Quick number insights to decide on realistic high-profit prices

(there's a good reason we all started lovingly calling it the Time & Money Making Spreadsheet ! ⏰💵💵 )

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Work with me

Heidi Holvoet in a coaching session

Flash Strategy Session

The fastest way to work with me 1:1, get your strategic plan on the rails (again), or simply get clarity on that thing on your mind right now, here's how:

  1. You book 45 minutes in my diary (instant access, easy scheduling through the button below)
  2. We hop on a call, and we talk things through
    This can be about a new or existing offer on your mind, sales struggles, messaging, pricing, hiring, ...: anything related to your business that you want strategic clarity on
  3. Right there on the call, I help you see things more clearly, and we decide on the 2-3 concrete strategic next steps for you

Email me [email protected] if you have a question, or click the button below to book your Flash Session right away
(currently priced at $300)

Schedule your Flash Strategy Session
Heidi Holvoet in a coaching session

Strategic Roadmap 1-Day Intensive (VIP Day)

In 1 day, we make a big efficient leap together. I'll have pre-audited your business and we go straight into strategic planning. This leads to concrete steps for short and long-term business & life goals and results in a whole-business strategic plan

The strength of this plan is that it's set up as a true roadmap leading, by design, to your desired results

100% tailored to you & your business. Ideal for founders and CEOs with 1-10 people in the business

This is a true "day" with 8 hours of 1:1 coaching with me. You can choose to do all this on one single calendar day or we can split it so we meet on 2 or 3 separate days

Live online (and we have lunch together, I make sure your favorite gets delivered to your doorstep while we work!)

Apply for the 1-Day Intensive

Your success is my passion!

(and helping you scale & thrive with your business my specialty)

Hi, so glad you're here! I'm Heidi and I might just be the most passionate entrepreneur you've met - except maybe for yourself ;)

If you're driven to succeed with a meaningful business, here to truly thrive, in joy ànd in wealth, without losing yourself and instead remain truly authentic and keep all the time in the world to enjoy what really matters in life: let's talk!

Honesty, openness, and true inclusion & equality for all and on all levels are the values I live and breathe every day

As a business coach and mentor, these values add to my drive to help you shine. My approach is result-driven, no-nonsense, down-to-earth, always tangible always actionable and always with a clear process to effectively achieve your goals

"Scales online businesses" is my middle name: where ever you are with your business right now: if you're in for more (more clients, more revenue, more time for yourself, more joy, more freedom) I help you get to the next level

And together we'll make even your biggest or wildest business vision become a reality!

About me


Level-Up Your Business

I don't email you all the time but when I do,
I make sure it has the potential to be
life-changing for you and your business

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