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Heidi Holvoet, About and Story

Hi, you stopped by, thank you!

On this page, you'll learn more about me than most people when we first meet, especially my 9 secrets below: few souls know all of those so early on

Because you're an entrepreneur though, probably a woman, driven to thrive with your business to fill your life with freedom, joy, and wealth for you and yours, I think that's something awesome we already share so I feel comfortable sharing a bit more!

I'm Heidi and I might just be the most passionate entrepreneur you've met – except maybe for yourself ;)

"Scales online businesses" is my middle name: where ever you are with your business right now: if you're in for more (more clients, more revenue, more time for yourself, more joy, more freedom) I help you get to the next level and together we make even your biggest or wildest business vision become a reality!

I'm a family person, a dog person, a deep & strong connection kind of person when it comes to friendships, a happy social introvert, and when it comes to doing business: I'm all about effective analyzing, executing, and getting results

Phew, now you know everything! I also like a good laugh, I like to see the funny side of (almost) every situation and I strive to always stay with what truly matters in life: to be kind, to be generous, to be honest and to strive for freedom in every way, for myself, my loved ones and every person on the earth I can reach

What I do: I help women entrepreneurs free up more time and increase their profits by, together with them, setting up my Strategic Roadmap for their business

My mission: I'm here to help you, Founder / CEO / business owner, build & scale the meaningful business that reflects 100% who you are, serves your clients exactly what they want, and stands out from the crowd so you can build wealth with ease

The movement: To help achieve emotional and financial independence for women everywhere

In my 15 years so far in business online, I've built several successful businesses of my own – profit and non-profit ones, each a socially conscious enterprise –and I've helped others succeed beyond what they thought were their limits, and loving every second of it

Now I'm here for you and ready to help lift you up and live your big vision. Let's do this!
👉  Email or DM me on fb messenger with any question or just a "Hi Heidi, tell me more please!" and we'll chat


My 9 Secrets Text

A little bit of fun ... 9 secrets about me


1/ Entrepreneurship gives me goosebumps. I light up whenever I talk with a friend or client (or yes, a complete stranger, sorry about that Ms. At The Cornershop! 😃) about their businesses. Conversations that start with "I wish I could ... [sell ... / make ... / teach ... / help others …]”: yes, please! I have the complete joy and utter privilege to be doing business online for over 15 years now and having a blast at it, even more, every day.


2/ My heart breaks for misunderstood children. Not seen, not heard, abused when they're at their most defenseless. I’m a gentle soul and I cry for many ill-treated people in our world but this kind of harm on tiny powerless human beings makes me seriously furious and I do all in my power to help raise awareness and prevention of all and any form of abuse


3/ I’ve got a thing for the number 3 (and you might notice that in all the work I do). Not a lucky number exactly but … something that just works (and you'll definitely notice thAt in my work!).


4/ I spent 141 nights in dark bunkers in my twenties. In dark bunkers filled with flashing electronics, counting tiny particles called nucleons, mesons, and other cuties in particle accelerators. That was my time as a nuclear physicist. I love physics and everything about the beautiful insights it brings but I left academia in search of personal freedom and more direct ways of making a positive difference to other people's lives.


5/ My dog Storm = my sweet adorable partner in crime. I adore his company, his fun goofiness, and the pools of love in his sweet dark eyes (via which we have deep conversations every day). We have a lot of fun out and about, and we both adore training scent work together.


6/ Home is where the heart is. And my heart has been in 5 different countries on 3 different continents in the past 15 years. Changing homes and countries isn’t as glamourous as some make it sound, and leaving friends gets harder every time. But I've been blessed to be doing this with my phenomenal husband and my two astonishing and fiercely independent teenage kids. And the depth of the friendships with amazing people from around the world is incredible and I wouldn’t change the life for the world.


7/ I grew up an introvert when it wasn’t yet cool to be one. It confused me for a long time and often felt different in a way that didn't feel right. I now know that I've a good deal of extravert-ism in me too and I've come to like both sides. I love that I love deep and meaningful connections. And I love that feeling different, now that I understand it better, feels OK now.


8/ I love love lOve the ocean! It grounds me and it inspires me and it reminds me each and every time of the vastness of opportunities out there for each of us, if only we decide to grab them.


9/ I don't lie. You won’t catch me bragging about helping “thousands of people make 6 figures”. What you see from me is raw and open and focused on getting YOU where you want to be. Be that a 5, 6 or 7 figure income or helping 100 - or 100,000 - people get access to healthy food, any food at all or shelter, schooling, happier relationships, school or if it's your mission to brighten people's days, feel confident, be healthy or rich.

As long as you're here to make a positive difference, big or small, for yourself, your family, others, or the world: I've got you!

And we can get started today:
👉  Email or DM me on fb messenger with any question or just a "Hi Heidi, tell me more please!" and let's have a chat