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1 Simple Shift to Make Your Business Serve You (instead of the other way around)

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There are two ways to run a business. You can serve your business OR your business can serve you.

[Shift from] You serve your business

You do all in your power to achieve success with your business. You do your PR and marketing, you take on clients, hire team members as and when ready.

All focused on creating and keeping that momentum: to reach more clients, to generate more work and to bring in more money.

You work full days, full weeks, full months. Maybe not because the business momentum needs it, but possibly because that's "what one does, right?". It's like that in corporate, in academia, and it's what many entrepreneurs just do.

And I respect this with all my heart. Nothing wrong with working hard.

I never use the word hustling because it doesn't do justice to the honest hard work and the results you're seeing.

There's another way though, and that's what I want to talk about today:

[Shift to] Your business serves you

What does this mean?

It starts with one simple thing: Point-B-Clarity. You're at point A now, and point B is where you want to be in the future. Point-B-Clarity = crystal clear knowledge about what your business has to bring you, do for you so that you can do what you really want to do.


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Every moment of every day. (OK, because life is also life, let's stay real: most moments of most days).

Example: You may want to work 20 hours a week. Work no more than 3 days a week. With the freed-up time, you'll be able to be the present mom you want to be, go skiing twice a week, and dedicate a half day each week to your chosen social cause and another half day to new investments. And of course, time to. just. be.

What ever it looks like for you, once you have true Point-B-Clarity, that's when we can create the concrete roadmap for you to reach that point:

  • You can put your business to work for you with absolute precision and focus.

  • You'll know the exact revenue you need to generate, and the kinds of services/products you can offer so that it suits your chosen lifestyle and workweek. It'll help you make decisions about outsourcing and hiring. Confidently choose priorities and own your calendar.

  • Your business will be serving you by design.

Do you feel the difference?

The difference between you serving your business, and the business serving you? How that leads to a strategically streamlined business and the results you want for your life?

Chasing goals that are based on 'growing' almost for the sake of it, but that aren't necessarily leading to what you really want in life OR putting your business to work with focus, so you can enjoy the lifestyle you're here to have.

Life's too precious and our time too expensive to not use it ONLY in ways that truly serve us.

This strategic shift to making the business serve you, is what I help my clients do. Book an exploratory call or email me [email protected] if you'd like to find out if this could be for you.

To your success!



 Photo by Artem Beliaikin from Pexels



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