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What it means to be strategic with your business, and why it matters


A business without a strategic plan is like a ship without a captain. A bicycle without a steering wheel. A satnav with poor programming. (And 100s of similar analogies I'll spare you from this time 😉 ).

And that's true for any size business: whether it's just you or if you have 5 employees, or 10, or more.

You'll move ahead for sure.

But to reach your goals effectively, without unnecessary detours and time wasted on busywork that sounds good but doesn't truly serve you: you need a plan. A good, solid, strategic plan.

The good news is, it's not hard and it's not too complicated to set up a strategy that'll work for you.

It takes some stepping back, some focused time set aside, some honest reflections, and a serious deep dive into your business and your industry. That's true.

But don't let anyone convince you that it's too complicated, that you need at least 3-head strategic team and months of regular meetings to come up with something to steer your business well.

That's simply not true. The majority of the work can be done in as little as 1 full (granted, intensive) day. 100% tailored and 100% efficient, and with just you and me.

With a true strategic roadmap, you're aware of where you are with 100% clarity, and you've got an effective plan that'll take you where you want to be, without being held back or clashing with other, well ... ships (aka your colleagues and competitors).

Why this is important?

Because if you don't, you risk getting stuck inside your business, working more than necessary, and doing the same things over and over. And that keeps the reach, impact & financial success limited.

Being strategic ideally means you work with an external strategist to do a regular full strategic audit of your business and create a 100% tailored strategic roadmap.

To start the process on your own right now, it can look like this:

* Dig into what you currently have in your business (products, courses, content in any form, services, etc.) and find value that stays hidden bc of day-to-day business running

* Review what's working and what isn't: what's bringing you joy and money everyday vs what's draining energy AND money

* Assess your business financially: what's your business's net worth, what's bringing in money vs what's costing and how can you improve that

* Gain a deep understanding of what others in your field do: what used to feel uncomfortable (Imposter syndrome can feel very real) becomes a crucial extra step in terms of clarity and value to offer your clients sustainably

* Clarify, and re-clarify regularly, your business identity and confirm that clarity for yourself and in your messaging

Simply put: take a step back to take a good and honest look at your business, and do it regularly

You'll no longer feel stuck, you'll feel lighter with more clarity and be more confident about your business AND you'll keep increasing your reach and impact with more ease.

If you'd like to find out if my strategic roadmap might be a good fit for you and your business, your best strategic decision today could just be to book a no-strings-attached call with me here.


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