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What Drives You?

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What drives you?

I ask every Founder and CEO this question when we start working together.

What drives you?

The question can raise an eyebrow at first sometimes, and then without fail; a passionate discussion enfolds.

What drives you?

I've been privileged to witness the most beautiful realizations of "Oh wow I never realized this but eradicating a lack of confidence in women is the real reason I'm so passionate about what I do", or "I'm here to create abundance for women with similar backgrounds as mine", or "I'm driven by adventure and want to share this joy with fellow moms". Need I say more?

When you take a minute to examine, deeply, what truly drives you, you'll likely find that the force that propels you into what matters in your personal life, is also present in your business.

Or if it's not yet, it could be the key to unlocking that true and lasting success with your business.


Why does Drive matter?


The reason Drive, and explicitly finding and acknowledging it, matters is because when you run a business, e-very-thing hinges on your drive.

Why do you do what you do, what's your just cause, who do you talk to, what's your messaging, who are the clients that you want to work with and can best help, who are the team members that align with you and will advance your work with you and ultimately what success means for you and the business (revenue, social impact, investing, etc.).

That's why it matters: because Drive carries all of your business.


The magic of using 1 word only to express your Drive


A short while back, I challenged 8 women entrepreneurs in my network to express their Drive in 1 word. We soon realized that articulating it in 1 word is an extremely powerful way to talk about Drive.

This is the result: see the collage below for a snapshot of what these powerful women shared with me, and share with you and the world they make a better place, every day: 

8 women share their Drive in 1 word - Collage

 These women are driven by:









(OK, this last one is 2 words, but so worth it! :) )

All I can say to that is Wow, I'm in awe. Do you also feel the sheer power these expressions of Drive lead to?


What Drives You? Tell me and I'll tell the world (if you want me to)


I'd LOVE for you to share your Drive with me 💛  and let me tell you why:

This "Drive Initiative" has unlocked new insights And business opportunities for most if not all of the women above.

I'll be happy to share your Drive and related thoughts too as a way to support your business, your impact, and your visibility.

Email me at [email protected] to talk about what drives you. I'll never publicly share what you write to me unless you explicitly want that and want to be part of the public Drive Initiative.

To your success!



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