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Hiring and outsourcing: they're not routinely my first go-to when I go into a growing business and set up the strategic plan together with the founder or business owner. Hire a team member, outsource part of your work, delegate the tasks that aren't in your genius zone, ...

It seems that everywhere you look these days “hire a team” seems like the fix-all for every entrepreneur.

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Whether you currently have a team of 5, or it’s just you: you may have been told that the >ONLY< way to grow your business is to hire and outsource more.

I’m here to tell you that’s not necessarily true.

And in this article, I want to show you how you can make the most effective hire, or not-hire, for you and your business. By simply asking yourself 3 questions, and really, truthfully, answering them, you'll be able to make that all-important decision, without hesitation.

You see, when I look at a business with my strategic-big-picture view and how we can structure and plan to make it most time-effective AND profitable; hiring (more) is usually not the first priority. Not the second either, and often not even the third.

Why don't we *always* have to hire?

The reason is that hiring, employing, contracting, outsourcing, in whichever form, costs time and money. It also costs you resources, headspace, and, we have to be honest, a bit of your emotional well-being. 

And those investments can be worth it - but only if they serve your vision AND bring in enough return on those investments (not just money, but your time and well-being too).

So, how do you decide whether or not hiring / outsourcing will help you move forward the way you dream, or have been told it would?

Your 3 Should-I-Hire Questions

Ask yourself these 3 questions:

[ Important: to really make this work for you: type or write your answers down in Full detail, it’s the concrete words and numbers that will make you see what you need to see ]

Question 1

How much time will this free up for me AND what will I myself do with that time?

Question 2

Will the task this hire does AND what I do with my freed up time contribute to one of the first 3 key priorities in my business? (i.e. the priorities that lead to the results I set forth to achieve) 

Question 3

How much profit will this hire bring in AND how much will they cost? (a simple plus minus exercise) 

➡️  Answer these questions both for right now and in 1 year's time.

I know, projecting these numbers into the future for a growing business is not easy.

But go with what you know, right now, about your business and make your best guess-timate for the future. The concrete numbers you come up with should be enough to guide you as a baseline to decide about making that hire / outsourcing that project.

To Hire ...

To conclude, please don’t get me wrong: I have nothing against outsourcing and hiring because most businesses should do it sooner and more than they do.

But it ONLY makes sense when it’s truly serving your key priorities and in that way the goals you’re to achieve.

... or Not To Hire?

If, doing the questions above, you came to the conclusion that hiring is probably not necessary for you, I know this may deflate you.

Planning to hire and the expectations of things getting easier for you can be exciting and you might've been looking forward to it.

I get that (a hundred times!). It's good to remind yourself though of your real goals and vision, and to make sure that what you're doing will get you there most effectively.

If you're unsure either way, why not come on a call with me?

I'm happy to discuss your hiring dilemma and give you some pointers starting from there. All my exploratory calls are 100% no-strings-attached so please don't hesitate. It's easy to book a no-strings-attached call with me here.

To your boundless success!


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