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Why I strive for emotional and financial independence for women

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To help achieve emotional and financial independence for women everywhere.

That's why I'm here. It's a cause that I hope to share with you 💛  If you too feel strongly about this, I invite you to walk with me.

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Emotional and financial independence, the "how and what" of it, will look different for everyone.

In essence, though, it results in the same: to be liberated, free from any form of oppression, to live a life full of conscious self-made decisions. To not be co-dependent unless it's a positive choice you make for yourself.

For me, this is a cause that's close to my heart. It's the mission that's bearing my work here as a strategic business coach.

It’s why I feel so strongly about helping you, my fellow women entrepreneurs thrive with your businesses, with high profits - unapologetic about money - and to design your business so efficiently that you keep enough time for yourself, to enjoy what matters in life.

I.e. your business serves you and your clients, not the other way around.

And while that success, the impact my clients make and the results they’re getting, the fun they have along the way, and yes the money they’re making are important; there’s more behind it.

It gives these women the independence they need in their life to be free of emotional and financial debt, co-dependence, and worries. And to have fun and be full of energy doing it!

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Underneath this, for me, there's an extra layer. Again, this may be different for you and I invite you to lean into what this financial and emotional independence means at its root for you.

For me, when I unpack my just cause, where that striving for women's liberation comes from, I know that at the basis is my unwavering Drive for Freedom in every sense of the word, for myself and others.

And going more deeply still, there’s it being rooted in my desire to eradicate abuse from our world.

My heart gets torn many ways when I witness injustice.

Abuse, physical and psychological, comes in many forms, some direct, some indirect/hidden, some even in the name of love - it can be by a parent, a partner, a colleague, a boss, a friend, etc.

The common thread is an imbalance in power.

Namely a dependency, that facilitates the abuse. Being financially and emotionally independent empowers against this and it’s why I’m so fiercely fighting for it.

I know this may feel intense, but here we are, truth spoken.

Does this cause align with yours? 💛  If yes, shall we connect?

I'd love that, I love to discuss this topic and related causes. So that together we can make that all-important difference!

The easiest to contact me from here is simply to Email me at [email protected].

To your success!



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Why I strive for emotional and financial independence for women

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